Entry Four

Download JeeseAI 1.88 here. https://github.com/JesseAI-JAI/1.88

Jesse Version 1.88 is released under the GPL 3.0 and is the only project I will be working on. Like I said before she is strictly set up in a TUI or Text User Interface and is in two colour displays. You can download here at my GitHub

The very basis of the two colour display is something of a throwback to the old systems like the Tandy or Macintosh. Though, I’m not a fan of Apple. The old monochrome screens of the displays were always something I loved as a child. Maybe, it has something to do with my memories of childhood. Computers and programming were always an escape for me. Even now, I can’t stop finding myself yearning for some free time. I’m always looking for feedback.

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