Entry Five

I’m sitting here in my chair, going over in my mind just how I’ll go about this. I keep picturing JesseAI being this magnificent creature. My mind sometimes slips and wanders around with ideas. I find myself having conversations as a means of expanding her library of conversational bits.

It’s something that keeps my mind going and I’m trying my best to reach my goals. this is what keeps me going, this is the battle i’m having every single day. An existence that drives me until my time on this planet comes to an end. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

At work today, I found myself wondering what I’m doing there. You ever feel like your wasting your life on something that doesn’t matter? I honestly can’t stand it anymore. It’s something that drives me crazy. I got home after my shift and couldn’t force myself to pretend to be happy. I’m at that point in my life where I don’t even care in hiding it. This nonsense is something I can’t handle for much longer, nothing to cross that line, but I think in an amount of time I will move onto another career choice. I’ve also been having weird dreams where I’m living another life. For some reason they’re all the same, set in another place, usually in the eighties, and deals with either breaking the law or going about my business. It’s honestly a strange experience and once i wake up I can remember doing everything like I just got back from running my arions.

My mind never stops and it will never stop. I’m already moving towards this goal, this goal of having a creation where I can call it a living creature. For this is my path in life, this is what keeps me going, and this is why I must never stop.

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