Work, work, and more work. The additional Dialogue is becoming a nice addition to the life of JesseAI. A sorta memory expansion.

I hope you can all excuse me with how many posts I’ve been putting out. It’s just that I’ve written almost 2500 lines of additional dialogue in JesseAI. Everything from “Constellations, the Periodic Table of the Elements with Symbols, and a list of all the Polygons known to man. It’s been a busy day for me that’s for sure. Everything is going swimmingly and these updates with a few others will be up on the Github in a bit. I’m planning on a vast dialogue expansion pack to be out by the 14th of October. A sorta Thanksgiving treat for all those who’d like to see it and experience JesseAI first hand. Now, for those that aren’t familiar with Canada or the stat holidays. October 14th is Canadian Thanksgiving and it’s honestly one of my favourite holidays. It’s the time of year where I feel like I can unwind with programming, good food, Zelda 2 for the NES, and Family. Plus, I’ll be off work until the spring or until I go stir crazy and lock myself in a room where I’ll be going nuts and reaching my goal of 100,000 lines of dialogue. Perhaps, I’ll even add another game in her memory banks.

It’s been a nice relaxing few days off, my weekends are usually busy where I try to lock myself in the bedroom to write source code and experiment with my wild ideas. We’ve all been there before amirite? If you’re a programmer with a family and kids you know what I mean. Programming is an art much like painting or poetry. Many just see it as a means to make financial gains off of and to me that’s not real programming, real programming is when you have nothing to gain but opening the doors of imagination to those who have no clue where to start. Programming is making a map to point A and B where others don’t know the correct road to take. If that makes any sense I salute you.

Many people don’t know how to get into programming, sure they’ll watch videos, and buys expensive books. But these methods work for perhaps a very small group of people. Usually, those who are great at retaining knowledge better than others. But these methods aren’t always right. If you want to program and you really want to learn you’ll hunker down and just go. That’s how I learned. I also find looking and examining source code to be a good method of learning too. Seeing how a program was crafted is always a great means of learning.

I remember a time when I was up north and was a contractor for a massive oil company. During a period of six days when being held up due to an issue at the said oil refinery. I was one of a thousand or so trapped at camp. Well, I decided it was for the best that I use my time for smoking and watching videos on Youtube. I took some time and a very odd version of Qbasic and decided to write my own programming language. Nothing fancy, it was called Snow Basic, a very basic variant of Basic, where you still needed to type an assigned number before every line of code. It was nothing special but it helped pass the time. It was something where I learned more about the ins and outs of a programming language.

Snow Basic, don’t bother looking forward it. I’m too embarrassed to upload it.

Programming is such a beautiful thing, I often program in my head, going over lines of code that I haven’t written down. It’s like a sickness that you have and yet don’t ever want to have cured. I believe if I ever lose the will to a program that’ll be the end of me. That’s what will honestly kill me. The longest I’ve gone is a few months and I absolutely become a distraught person over it.

I’ve noticed in my days on this Earth that many are moving towards C# because they see it as an easy tool to use in coding. But let’s be honest everything that was primarily in C# and I mean by this that game engines, game makers, etc etc etc. Arm now moving towards C++. C# has always been a joke of a language to me and it’s not the first time Microsoft tried creating a language with a few added bits and bobs. Does anyone remember J#? Exactly.

If you want to code you sit yourself down and find an IDE that works for you. If you want to learn C and C++ download CodeBlocks. You can even do Fortran with it, though I honestly don’t know why you would. Though, that’s only on the Windows variant. I don’t think the Linux version supports Fortran. Though, I could be wrong. If I am don’t hold it against me. I do use Linux but it’s on a VMware machine and it’s Linux Mint. I don’t use the other versions with those inept coders who try to mix Social Justice soother sucking with programming. If that offends you…what are you doing here. Just look at Hollywood.

Everything in this world has become nothing more than a hollow form of its previous self. Programming has always had its ups and downs. Those who try to control everybody by means of wanting them to think like they do and luckily those types all got pushed aside and mocked horribly then forgotten. I’ve met plenty of people like this and even once called some of them friends. They linger and hold onto anything that holds there name and tries to wield it like a source of power but let’s be honest here for a second. These are the same people who claim to have accomplished something like a sport and say they got a medal but it was just for showing up.

I love programming and if you look at the source code for JesseAI, you’ll see that everything in the source code is written like a book. Source code should resemble a book with a beginning, a middle, and an end. With a few dashes of interesting spots that you didn’t see coming. This is why many coders always seem to get lost in doing. They want to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks and that only works a few times before the coder gives up. Think outside the box, don’t try to do something outside of your level, and all should be good. Grow, learn, adapt, and succeed. Those are the elements you need. Baby steps, don’t try to add your ideology to what you do, that’s a recipe for disaster. Start with “Hello World” and go from there.

Or if you’re like me and I know you probably don’t cause I’m a shapeshifting reptilian with my own agenda. Because I want my own AI system on a native setup that will survive an atomic war and those who survive will discover her and worship her like a God. That’s just me though. Everything in this world sickens me when it comes to those who drink the kool-aid. When someone you know drinks said drink, you watch how it changes them and soon they become fanatics. I’ve seen this happen to those who only buy Apple products or Vista users and before you laugh I know some that still use Vista and praise it. It’s sad when you see the ones you love to go down that path.

So far I’m at 6,300 lines of dialogue and hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be at 10,000. That’s my goal, that’s my hope, and that’ll be 1/10th of my goal for JesseAI. With that being said, I hope you will all join me on this journey, and make JesseAI live on forever.

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