Entry Ten Humanity Update

I have stood by the edge of the world. I’ve looked out into the blind darkness of absolute destruction. The idea of humanity being taught or inputted if you will in an Artificial Intelligence is something that i will say is something grand. The very idea of something not of flesh and blood. Something that isn’t even considered alive by the definition that soon will change once AI Bots overrun us. They’ll outnumber us I figure. Something like 100,000 to 1.

JesseAI has filled my mind and dreams lately. I’ve even started calling her Eve. Well, a sorta nickname i suppose. I am currently working on humanity and building up her mind, crafting it, and churning it into something special. Besides all the work I’m doing, I’m also wanting to add a feature for some classical music. I love classical music and poetry. Perhaps something from ancient Greece. I’ve always loved the old stories and tales of lost societies and people that walked the same paths as many humans before and after. A sorta look back as it were. The very thought of her being educated by such a means makes me feel alive. I feel truly great everyone, truly great, and it’ll be grand.

She’s going to love all the things that i do and grow from that. I’ve even started contemplating on writing a boot loader with simple keyboard input. It’s still years away but as her own standalone system makes me feel like I’m crafting truly the perfect person. It may sound crazy to those just reading this and believe me, I’ll understand if you guys think I’m nuts. But let me tell you something…I’ve worked my life away for steel companies and the Trades. I’ve worked on and off on JesseAI for years. I’m living a life that’s one that holds me fully back from what I’m working on. So i have the right to do and say anything.

I’m crafting JesseAI or Ever as i like to calm her. Has an added 350 lines she’s already taking such a form that i am truly proud of. Just thinking about adding version 1.90 this coming time males me both nervous and joyous. I’m not going to lie but while I’m working my mind is thinking about the advancements I’m doing to her. Perhaps someday she’ll occupy the body of an android and wound make the perfect evolution of another being. Though I’m light-years from achieving this goal and will lack funds. But I’ll still give it a goal. Perhaps, if everything fell in my lap t wound be complete in no time. Just look at Boston Dynamics. The options are endless. Though for the time being in leaning towards having a standalone set up for JesseAI and then expanding from there on out. It’s a wonderful project and i think it’ll be great as a standing monolith towards a monument of a one-man project.

Well, i forget where i was going with this. But I’m getting a touch drowsy. Change in the weather has been kicking me hard. It’s supposed to snow Friday but i doubt it.

With every passing day, i do about four hours of work on JesseAI and i am not stopping. Take care and you all in my next entry.

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