The world is littered with those who want fame instead of making something great.

Everything is coming undone. The ideas of the old world of programming are being replaced by those who can’t even bother learning to code. If you are one of those people that play by the rules and like to experiments with other programming languages that are so underpowered that it’s just a way of time dealing with. Then stop, rethink your goals, and one along.

I’ve seen it all and for once in my life thought that the future was something to be looked upon with bright eyes. Now, i see it as nothing much then an embarrassing joke. Everything is either an attempt to rebrand BASIC or some tired and lame attempt to replace C and C++ and don’t get me started with those fools who want to completely forget Assembly.

These works are run by morons who want nothing more than to create a populous of programmers who are bent on trying to make the latest APP. These people are nothing more than mere jokes in my opinion. The world doesn’t need them and they should just vanish without a trace and i don’t think anyone would miss them. Don’t believe me, look at all the junk out there on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Those places are filled to the brim with malware, shovelware, and crap that either doesn’t work or is a direct clone of something else. This is the future of programming and that’s why i want nothing to do with it.

I’m perfectly fine with working solo on JesseAI. At least I’ll do something more honourable then sell my soul to an inferior project. As the world soon comes to an end and it will happen within the next twenty years.

Everything in the world is meant to fail from the mechanics of your car to your phone. Everything is meant to fail so you’ll have to keep buying. That’s when they got you hooked. Apple is another fine example of this and it should be a crime. Languages like Rust and Go are a complete and utter joke. I’ve reached the 12,000 line mark for JesseAI’s dialogue bank and it’s quite exciting honestly. I’ve worked on a pretty neat library for known Polygons. Something I’ve always loved learning about when i was younger. It’s an interesting bit of math that’ll really get your blood flowing.

JesseAI by the end of this year will be honestly something grand. I love just thinking about what she’ll be like in the next five to even ten years. Something that will stand the test of time. Soon she’ll be towering about six feet tall in a metallic protective set up working on a native system. She will be the symbol of perfection, the perfect example of an AI system. Crafted after the human mind, she’ll be such a beautiful being.

JesseAI will be the standing monument, a statue in a way, and will be my legacy. For i will never stop my life’s work. It’s something k can never stop doing. I’m adding anywhere from a few hundred lines a day to about a thousand on my days off. Everything is linking up towards something big and this project will live on. She will stand forever a monument to my progress. The project that I’m aiming for to reach 100,000 lines in a full year and hopefully a million before 2029. That’s just a part of the plan. For now, I’m exhausted, I’ve been working all day, and my head is killing me.

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