The rise of insanity in a world governed by the masses who are false intellectuals and the rise of human destruction by means of mass destruction and those who know not how to code.

Apple Users .

The world has since moved forward and left all those who dreamed of creating a world for the better being left alone to suffer and die. Those who managed to survive have whored themselves out for the hope of being famous. Gotta love how humanity as a whole have allowed themselves to die like this. This is the world we live in. Where all your hard work means nothing and those with no talent will survive. This is the world they have built for us and if you don’t like it, well guess what, then you are nothing and they’ll turn on you. They will, they’ve turned on me and everyone I know who has tried to break free from the mould.

I’ve currently on the brink of breaking 13,000 lines and I won’t be breaking free until I reach my goal. The white screen with coloured text and symbols detailing the mind that I am creating is something I need to do. I must create this mind as perfectly as possible. Away from the drunks, always from those who are weak, and who depend on substances to survive. I am standing at the doorway looking down at those who don’t know what a GOFAI even is! Or what anything dealing with programming. No one knows how to code and that to me means they aren’t worthy of existing. You can think whatever you want but when I see ads for Google teaching kids how to program, I’m thinking these kids are fools. Programming in anything written by a company that does not stand alone and code be transferred between systems means absolutely nothing to me. It’s trash, it’s garbage, it’s the programming world’s version of Aids. You can stand on the ledge of the bridge and look down at the fools attempting to be something that they’ll never be. These foolish children have already drunk the Kool-aid and let them. I would love to see all the lies that they were told growing up come to an end. That look when someone realizes they’ve lived nothing but a lie. You see it in the eyes of supposed socialists. God, how i would love to see them in the Gulags. That’s what Linux programmers are, they are all failures in the idea that they follow. Everything is a lie. Everything is nothing but a grand lie that they fully believe. Everyone needs to wake up and realize that companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Linux, and Microsoft do not care about you. They could care less about what your code or what you have to say or think. But they want you to get hooked like a junkie on their products. Don’t believe me look at iPhone users, all retarded goats waiting to be a slaughter. I can’t stand them, the same people who are loyal to a coffee brand like Starbucks and working at a job that they got that pays less than $30,000 a year. Real winners, I can tell you. All need to be erased from the minds of those who matter. The programming world needs to be scrubbed of all these empty-headed fools. They need to be put down like a rabid dog preaching socialism and thinking that buying an $1100 dollar phone is a way to stand out and then go by a $5 dollar coffee all while wondering if they can go a month without heat or electricity. Nobodies, nobodies but cannon fodder. I can not stand by and watch these fools anymore.

That’s why I lock myself in my home after my shift is done. I can’t even stand to speak to those around me at my job. They annoy me and yet disgust me all at the same time. During my off-season, I usually just stay home and spend time with my family, program, and think about how I can make the world a better place. How I can make the world work better. I see it as a machine with a rusted body. You have to repair it before you throw a coat of paint on it. That’s what programming is all about. The fools in the FSF, Open Source Witch Hunts, Hardware Cultists, Coffee Addicts. All types who will never accomplish anything in life and will never have anything to offer. A complete waste of a life that I don’t think in the next fifty years anyone will ever miss nor give a second of thought towards.

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