MIT + IBM = Institutional Insanity

Technology companies and those who claim to be in control of it are nothing but fools. Once notable institutions are nothing but empty-headed puppet shows. We must understand this with everything we do. Programming is a work of art, programming is art. Much like poetry or painting or even acting. But now you look around and the AI train is being controlled by suits who want nothing to but have their hands in the pockets of everyone. Programmers are a dying art. We are here with debt and where we stand is when we either follow the crowd or go out into the shadows of a dusty trail and hope to God what lurks in the unknown don’t take you out before you compile.

When will everyone wake up? When I craft dialogue for the Memory Banks of JesseAI, she will stand as a monument for all time. We all must continue our works and we must continue to craft and walk through the darkness. JesseAI is my light, she is my Mecca towards something great. As I see others pander and kneel before the waves of the ocean that is hack programmers who believe using the flavour of the month languages to cast out the powerful languages that can really create. I shake my head and I look to the world around me and see that it’s a fool’s game.

My monument will stand on an altar, in the bright glow of the light, and with it will stand my life’s work. She will be beautiful. What will you do? What will you make? What will bare your name that others will want to stand up and make something of their own? That’s for you to decide?

MIT is nothing but a pit, a pit where those who go in come out like sheep, and when they go to the program they craft nothing but trash. The supposed bright, the supposed intelligent are nothing more than sheep. They will be led to the slaughter while those who dare create with integrity will forever laugh from the sidelines. When the laws change and liberties turn to crimes. I will stand by and laugh.

Look at IBM, the scumbags who do nothing but absorb what were once brilliant places of creation like Red Hat and turn them into utter garbage. I for one have lost faith in that once machine that led millions to die. Funny, how they preach equality and how great they are but can never admit they screwed up. Honestly, it’s pathetic. I am so sick of this world, that why I program alone. I’m a one-man team and I will no longer work for another software firm.

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