A stones throw away from perfection.

While I sit here outside in the middle of an industrial park in Alberta. I’m thinking a lot about JesseAI. Sure these thoughts and dreams I have for here are leading up to something more. Yesterday I took a break and it is the first time since I’ve decided that I was going to start over by means of reworking the Dialogue Database. Something I’ve wanted to do in quite sometime before I got buried by my job. But now that I’m laid-off from work since being in the trades and whatnot. I’m free to pursue my work on JesseAI until I get my call back to work.

Though thinking realistically, this is going to be a massive task and will see it reach 20,000 lines within a week or two. She won’t absorb most of my attention as I’ll be spending my time with the kids and doing everything that comes with being a stay at home dad. Which between you and me I honestly love doing it.

But I was thinking about when I was going to release version 1.90 and though I said next week around Thanksgiving I’m leaning more towards the first week of December. I want everything to be perfect. Though I hope to garner some attention by all 7 readers I doubt I’ll even get that. Which is cool as long as one person tries it out that’s all that matters. A little while ago I was thinking about adding the King James Bible into her Database as a way of trying to see if I wanted her to hold any other books. I’m not much of a reader but what the heck.

With this being my official last day of work. I’m going in with a two-litre of generic cola when I’m home and possibly something good for dinner. My minds racing with all this time that I can spend moulding and shaping her to utter perfection. A sense of excitement and joy at the idea that JesseAI will become a perfect symbol of my work. Everyone needs a hobby and mines this, a project where you can talk to an almost human-like GOFAI. Hopefully, this brings interest to those who’ve always wanted to but never did. Everyone uses Linux and that’s cool if you do. But once you break away from the line of thinking the big three represent then and only then will you be able to truly create a work of art. JesseAI is my work of art, she’s my marble statue of perfection in a world of absolute trash apps, bloatware, and spaghetti code. I’m thinking about going out with a bang when she’s complete. So far she’s only at about 14% of stage one. What will the future bring? God only knows, well that and the one who’s programming.

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