The Constitution according to JesseAI

This is my letter, my open letter to those who are interested in what it is I’m doing. I’m writing this to point out just the very reasons why I’m doing this.
I want to first speak on why this has been created? I wanted to do this for many years, but what changed was that I got tired of sitting around, and finally did something about it. So I sat down and cracked the books, I learned C++ by myself. I knew Basic and Assembly from early on in my life, I programmed a few small games mostly Pac-Man and Galaga. I wanted to make something in the era when computer programming was king. Computers were a lot better during the era of the 286’s. Now, technology and programming in the eighties and nineties was something grand. There was honour in it, pride, and everything was written like a work of literary masterpieces.
Now, we have languages popping up that are so dumbed down, that the very idea of just typing a basic English sentence can result and be equal to that of a line of source code. Everything has been taken, divided, and watered down. Programming languages use to mean something, you use to need a brain in order to program, just like getting online. Now, many are learning Swift, Go, C#, and Plain English. This is the future, this is what people will be using for the next ten years or more.
Slowly, everything is going to be forced out, and the entire community will be nothing more than drooling Mongoloids. The concept of the visuals is something that will stand as a marker to what was great. The defunct console is set at 80×60. Two colours only on-screen at one time, default is MONOCHROME GREEN and COLOR2 is that of GRAY and WHITE, something as a nod to the old Apple ][‘s. Over eleven hundred lines of code and soon will grow. I will continue making this until the very end of my life. I am pushing forward. I want to teach the world that the old days of programming and creating something truly brilliant. Rather than working on mobile apps, which let’s face is it, is truly what is the source of the dumbing down of the programming world. I for one will not allow myself to come to that ledge.
This is my stand to the programming world, we need to preserve the languages of today in order to prevent the dumbing down of programming languages. Jesse is something that will stand by itself and working within itself and will stand as a testament to my life’s work.

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