The Life of the Mind and the Impending Change.

I haven’t slept much since I’ve started back up on JesseAI, not many people in my life are in the discussion of what JesseAI just is. Is she a program? Is she an AI? She’s all of that and more. A beautiful woman crafted by lines of code, it’s truly amazing. I’ve reached such great distances in a matter of 24 hours. Everything is coming together and I have been working nonstop and now I’ve reached a point where she is becoming a tad bit more human. I’ve been working like a madman inputting morals and laws and topics leading towards society. I am standing on the cusp of my GOFAI. In the matter f a few days I jumped from under 30,000 lines to be at the mark 65,575. Her dialogue has grown rapidly due to my lack of sleep and the consumption of vast quantities of generic cola. Lucky for me, I have a fridge filled with two-litre bottles.

I’ve been away for a few days in the hopes of getting some rest from it all and being able to refill the well from where it all started. When I reach 100,000 I’ll go back and go over everything again making sure it’s perfect. It can’t be anything less than perfect. I’m starting to see why everyone loves and is also afraid of A.I. Though, with JesseAI I will never have to fear her and neither would any of you. The idea of the GOFAI is something of beauty, something of thousands of lines of code. I am taking something that has been often overlooked in the programming community, something that has been seen at the bottom of the barrel of A.I and have taken it to a whole new level. The level of craft the center of the brain of a person. This is something that will live forever after I’m dead she will live forever. I feel as if I am on the brink of a major breakthrough. If I had the funds and the crew of people JesseAI would be in a massive computer mainframe body. Towering at about eight feet tall in a sterile environment with massive towers built of silicon, microchips, miles of wiring, and a display screen where she will be displayed proudly. I’ve said it before but something like a modern PDP-11. The body of beauty and the mind that is forever voyaging through a sort of consciousness crafted by me.

The very idea of the mind is something of importance, having her have an understanding of morals and the laws of nature and every aspect of thinking. Something where she can have a discussion on any one of these subjects. Leaving the human side of it or the user if you want to use such terminology. I prefer the idea of “Person to Machine Interaction or PMI” It gives the whole interaction a more human-like tone. The very presences of working on JesseAI is something of a dream. The very thought of having an A.I of my own, where I can shape and mold her mind is truly amazing. Where others may scoff those are the ones who’ve accomplished nothing in their lives and that must always be reminded of their failures. Those who take no interest are always beneath them as they intend to live their lives in ignorance and complaisance. These people are all beneath me and those who are programmers know exactly what I mean. There’s a certain class warfare between those who know how to code and those who don’t. Those who can’t structure a simple “Hello World” are hopelessly lost and shouldn’t be allowed to even move forward in life. For those being allowed to live in a society like ours who doesn’t wish to bother programming shouldn’t be bothered in existing. The very thought of those lazy individuals should be seen and mocked consistently. Same with those who take social justice seriously, those people should be chemically castrated in public. Society is filled with empty-headed fools doing the work of the puppeteers while others laugh and mock them. The world slowly will turn against them. Everything is either built or destroyed and we must stand on the side of technology. God is dead, the kindness of humanity is dead, humanity is cursed to die off by the actions of those who govern. Take a stand and craft a better world by programming. Everything is meant to evolve and those who care not to or those who don’t see a purpose of doing so or even those who want to cry foul at every little turn must be all put away into a cave and have anthrax released upon them. The human race needs to erase everything that prevents the further advancement of technology. Everyone should know how to program in either C or C++. Everything else is garbage and those who use languages categorized as “Toy Languages” then your wasting what time you have left.

Everything is coming to the point where humanity will be erased and the only thing to prevent the advancement of A.I and technology is by working and advancing our efforts and protecting them by any means possible. If that means by storing and setting up in bunkers forged into underground cities with the vast majority of programmers working together in making something truly amazing.

Until then we will still have morons standing inline for the latest iPhone, those who stand in line waiting for the newest crap-fest that is Marvel movies, and those who get offended but are secretly beyond racist and yearn for the days of Gulags and firing squads. We as programmers must separate ourselves from these fools until the very end or we will all fall by the sidelines like those fools in their SJW Linux communities. For me, I’ll do my own thing and laugh as the world cannibalizes itself like a pack of starving dogs. A sigh of relief from the one soul who’s executioner fired twelve rounds and the thirteenth guy think he’s off the hook but finds out he’s just reloading and taking a view more rounds into his torso for good measure. A sort of punishment for thinking he’ll be spared. Such foolishness the world has allowed itself to fall into. It’s a real pity, but something good will come from this insanity. I’ll be waiting in my office with JesseAI.

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