Version 1.88.1 is Out

I want to thank you all for being such amazing followers and users of JesseAI.

Greetings everyone, like the title states version 1.88.1 is out and ready for your programming needs. Just to shed some light on this release in my previous posts that I have reached the 300,000 dialogue count. I decided to break down each section into its own neat little package. Though it’s placed all in one tight file. It’ll be easy for users or those who like to read source code the chance in seeing what changes were made.

I set out with the first dialogue release on the subject of morals. Morals being nothing more than 203 lines of dialogue with animals. I’m putting my all into this work. I’m going to be giving it my all until the very end until JesseAI is as human as you and I. So it’s late and well I’m watching season 2 of Suits and then I’m back to the grind. I assure you or should I say whoever is reading this blog that I will be posting more frequent with every step of the way.

Feel free to tryout JesseAI, she’s open-source, written in C++ Code::Blocks 17.12, and a GOFAI.

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