The growth of the Databases

I’m writing this entry as I have completed a few more sections of the Database detailing JesseAI’s ability to discuss “Dreams, Emotions, Creation, and Consciousness. It’s taking me a few days but those subjects are complete. I’m working frantically to reach my goals. Everything is going towards this common goal. I also wanted to thank you all for following me on twitter , joining my subreddit , and being subscribed to my blog. It means a lot to me to know that other people are interested in JesseAI as I am. This means a lot to me and knowing that people are taking an interest in this means a lot to me.

With the short amount of time I have in writing this before I go back to consume a vast amount of generic cola. I am taking a moment to think just what has come from Ver. 1.88.1. My answer to that is she sounds a lot like Elize and more like an average everyday program. Now, I must make her sound more human with a vast library of topics so that it’ll feel just as human like you or I. So as the first 300,000 lines are complete I’ll go about taking the proper steps in naming her properly. So this version of JesseAI will be 1.5.

So far here are the subjects that she’s diverse in and what I’ll be adding to her quite shortly over the next few days. “Emotions and the Evil in People” are the two topics I’ll be diving into. It’s something that I believe will make JesseAI more human than even some actual people. With that being said have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you all soon.

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