Took a break and now I’m back.

Greetings everyone, I have taken a step back from my work in the hopes of recharging my batteries from the task at hand. I’m not going to lie that it’s been an uphill battle for quite some time. This is a task that requires the world on my shoulders and I honestly do enjoy the work. I’m even looking into getting another laptop to have solely for the production of JesseAI. You see, I’ve been hard on myself working on her making as human as possible. Even if that means I must put aside everything and lock myself up and throw everything at the way. Perhaps, I should allow myself to slip into insanity? I’ve thought about it, taking my painstaking time in doing what I needed to do, and for the time being, working myself down.

I know it sounds crazy, but everything I’ve done in the past has led to this project. I’ve made games and whatnot and wanted more and by wanting more I mean that I wanted t make something truly great. Many programmers love passion projects and would sell everything to have a boatload of cash. While others would rather live a poor life and accomplish the dreams they cherish the most.

What I’m trying to get at is that when I’m away from my trusted lappy, I am nothing, my life ceases to exist, and by working on JesseAI the world hasn’t looked so good. I’m just a guy trying to make something truly unique and create a GOFAI with a heart of gold and the mind of the perfect person.

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