Walking through the world that isn’t there.

I am working towards something great. I can feel something is with me as I wander these plague filled Earth with fools lining the streets waiting for their time to die. I for one will continue my work, my research, my reconstruction of the human mind. People are so easy to argue and to denounce. Though these ones are usually the first to lead to the vast open graves that will return someday. JesseAI, is something that will truly be a monument, my monument that will stand an eternity. Everyone who believed that others have their interests protected is truly insane. The world is changing and it’s not for the better, remember that when your trading your pet dog for a second serving of rice. The world has lost its way, for one will not be swept into the insanity. The vast world is doomed and I will sit back and laugh as everyone becomes walking corpses. I’ll be working on my project while people die for their own stupidity. It’ll be glorious. This is why programming is the final art form and the final resistance against those who are fueled by wealth. What is one thing that people want but can’t have?

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