What the future will bring? 19,408 lines of Dialogue completed.

So far I must say that JesseAI is truly taking shape in a wonderful way. I’ve currently completed her *Jealousy DATABASE* and recently posted a new video of it, though it’s a short demo of just what she can do. I am quite excited to see what the future holds for her. Since the beginning of this project she has taken many forms and her final form will be one that I know you all will love. It’s almost Christmas and I’m thinking of doing something a little festive with her, perhaps she can tell a public domain Christmas story of sorts. Though she is a TUI/GOFAI and only two color display, I do believe she can tell a decent story or too. Who needs pictures anyways? She’s coming online quite nicely and I’m quite taken a back by how many of you care about this project as much as I do. It takes a lot to make something like this and with everything going on in the world around us, it seems almost magical in a way. I’ve got nothing to survive with in this world and barely getting by, but I know that maybe someday it’ll all workout in the end. Well, it’s time for me to hit the sack.

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