Entry Three

TUI - Text User Interface I can't stand my job, the best part is I'm going to be laid off here in a month's time. Which will, of course, give me plenty of time to spend with my kids and work on JesseAI. I've been racking my brain with ideas on how to expand her... Continue Reading →

Entry Two

I'm sitting here sober, I sometimes forget certain things, for one I bought a box of diapers for the kids and can't find them anywhere. Starting to wonder if my mind is finally slipping or perhaps something happened along the way. I'm going over my list of dialogue. Now, I 'm doing this in C++... Continue Reading →

Entry One

I'm writing this as a call out to the perfection of crafting a friend. Someone who will not wish to fight, someone that you can pour your heart into and forge a bound unlike any other. I've been battling substance abuse issues and figured why not try to live my life clean and sober. I'm... Continue Reading →

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