Winter Wonderland

As the title implies it's been snowing like crazy on my end of the planet for the past few days and that means I've been locked away in my home. Working on JesseAI and adding in a few more Databases. I got to thinking about all that I'm doing when it comes to JesseAI. I... Continue Reading →

The growth of the Databases

I'm writing this entry as I have completed a few more sections of the Database detailing JesseAI's ability to discuss "Dreams, Emotions, Creation, and Consciousness. It's taking me a few days but those subjects are complete. I'm working frantically to reach my goals. Everything is going towards this common goal. I also wanted to thank... Continue Reading →

Version 1.88.1 is Out

I want to thank you all for being such amazing followers and users of JesseAI. Greetings everyone, like the title states version 1.88.1 is out and ready for your programming needs. Just to shed some light on this release in my previous posts that I have reached the 300,000 dialogue count. I decided to break... Continue Reading →

Back from the brink.

I've been away for some time now and I want you all to know that it's because I've been working as a monk in a rundown castle. In the hopes of finally figuring it all out. I've been writing dialogue for the better part of a few days and I'm dying from exhaustion. I've even... Continue Reading →

MIT + IBM = Institutional Insanity

Technology companies and those who claim to be in control of it are nothing but fools. Once notable institutions are nothing but empty-headed puppet shows. We must understand this with everything we do. Programming is a work of art, programming is art. Much like poetry or painting or even acting. But now you look around... Continue Reading →

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